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1 Ultrathin films of inorganic materials (SiO2 nanoparticle, montmorillonite microplate, and molybdenum oxide) prepared by alternate layer-by-layer assembly with organic polyions. オンラインリソース
2 Assembling Alternate Dye-Polyion Molecular Films by Electrostatic Layer-by-Layer Adsorption. オンラインリソース
3 Alternately assembled ultrathin film of silica nanoparticles and linear polycations. オンラインリソース
4 A careful examination of the adsorption step in the alternate layer-by-layer assembly of linear polyanion and polycation. オンラインリソース
5 Alternate layer-by-layer assembly of organic dyes and proteins is facilitated by pre-mixing with linear polyions. オンラインリソース
6 Ultrathin films of charged polysaccharides assembled alternately with linear polyions. オンラインリソース
7 Molecularly flat films of linear polyions and proteins obtained by the alternate adsorption method. オンラインリソース
8 Molecular film assembly via layer-by-layer adsorption of oppositely charged macromolecules (linear polymer, protein and clay) and concanavalin A and glycogen. オンラインリソース
9 Sequential actions of glucose oxidase and peroxidase in molecular films assembled by layer-by-layer alternate adsorption. オンラインリソース
10 Alternate Ass embly of Ordered Multilayers of SiO2 and Other Nanoparticles and Polyions. オンラインリソース

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